Yin Yoga: Leg Sequence

ImageHere is a 60-75 minute sequence to help stretch out your legs and hips, night or day! Enjoy!

1. Seated Hero to Reclined Saddle Pose (3 minute meditation, 3 minutes reclined)


2. Baby Dragon (2 minutes)


3. Pigeon/Swan Pose (Folded Forward 5 minutes, Quad Stretch 1 minute)


Counterpose: Down Dog or Table Top to stretch out knee and ankle joint. 

[repeat poses 2-3 on other side]

4. Half Happy Baby Pose (up to 5 minutes)


5. Reclining Big Toe Pose (4 minutes)


6. Reclined Twist (3 minutes)


[repeat poses 4-6 on other side]

7. Supported Bridge Pose (5 minutes)


Counterpose: Lie on back with feet in butterfly (1 minute)

8. Savasana – Legs Up the Wall Pose (7 minutes)


Close with a seated meditation and enjoy the space you’ve created all throughout those legs! Ahhhh.

Please leave comments if you need help with modifications or have questions about any of the poses. Each pose is linked to directions on how to get into and out of the pose.

Have a lovely day!


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