Where there is Love, there is Light.

There is light among us.

IMG_1623It is warm.

It is bright.

It offers healing, the unfolding of the truth, and hope for the future.

We just have to keep our eyes open and our hearts ready to receive.

Three years ago today I was sleeping in my apartment in Busan, South Korea when my phone rang. Before I knew it the conversation turned to loss of a very close friend. I was soon on a plane. And eventually back home in Texas. My heart was broken. I had never lost a friend so close to me. I cried out to God for healing, for assurance, for hope.

At this point in the journey, 1095 days later, there is still grief and sorrow. But the past three years, God has made his love more evident to me than ever before. My prayers were answered. He gave me a hunger for love and the desire to live life to the fullest. He held my hand and gave my heart a peace that it cannot understand and a faith that can sustain my spirit. I found the love of my life just months after my friend’s passing. I am working doing something that I not only enjoy, but I feel is my life’s passion. The time of searing loss and pain is dark. I felt like I was stuck in a storm and couldn’t see my way out. But God pulled me out of it. He gave me hope, joy, and he lit the way for me to walk into a new chapter. He loved me enough to do this, just as he does every one of us. We live in a broken world, so the clouds will come. God is just waiting for us to cry out to him. I can assure you he hears you. He loves you. He will guide you through it. There will be a place you never expected.

For where there is love, there is light.


I know many who are in difficult circumstances. Storms. Sorrows. Pain. He is there. Ask him to pull you closer.

Please pray for the Wilkinson family. 4-year old Aspen was in a terrible accident and has lost her foot. She (and her family) have a long road ahead of them. If you would like to help love on this family (financially, loving cards, messages etc.) I will have more information in the next few days on how you can do that.


John 16:33

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

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