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Nancy Nelson

Hello friends!

Happy New Years Eve! There is much to celebrate today as we close out another year of life and look ahead to 2017. Truth be told, I planned to juice today because I bought a whole bunch of pretty produce at Whole Foods earlier this week that I didn’t want to go to waste. After getting it all out – beautiful colors of green, red, yellow, and orange were before me.  I thought to myself “this will be an excellent recipe to share on my blog!”. Then I quickly realized that this would also be a perfect recipe for “brown juice” seeing as green messes with the pretty shades of red, yellow and orange. In a moment of brilliance (aka Divine intervention), I stumbled on the idea of making “rainbow juice”. I carefully created each color and then slowly folded them together. It ended up turning into a bit of a meditative experience as (thanks to Noah’s story) rainbows remind me that God keeps his promises. He kept promises in 2016 and he will do the same in 2017. I spent some time thinking on His promises and how he is unchanging – he will not change his mind or go back on His word. It is certain. I hope that if you embark on making this, He will whisper you His promises and that they will nourish your spirit.

Cheers to whatever is ahead in the new year!


Rainbow Juice

Here’s what you’ll need: Amounts will totally depend on how much juice you’d like to make. What I have pictured is what I used and it made about 4 12 oz servings.

  • Rainbow chard
  • Kale
  • Cucumbers
  • Celery
  • Golden beets
  • Apples
  • Blood (or regular) oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon & lime
  • Optional: ginger & turmeric (I didn’t have fresh so I used my powdered versions)
  • You’ll need some kind of juicer to make this happen. OR you can mix it all in the blender and then drain the juice.


First, prep your citrus fruits by taking off the skin.

Peel Citrus

Next, prep your vegetables by rinsing them thoroughly and then chop off the ends of larger stems.


Now, take your beets and rinse them. I scrubbed mine as well. Then peel the outer skin off and discard or (save for a salad!) the leafy stems.


Once you have all of your items prepped it’s time to start juicing! To make the rainbow effect, juice according to colors. Place each colored juice in a separate cup.


I added ginger to the yellow juice and turmeric to a separate, more orangey yellow juice. Stir and then bask in the beauty for a moment!

Then layer juices in one by one eventually making that beautiful brown colored juice (oi!). But don’t worry  – it tastes delish and will be a great way to renew your body and mind for the new year! Cheers!


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Nancy Nelson
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