Yin Yoga Video + Written Sequence for the Stomach Meridian

Hey yin friends!

I’m excited to let you know I am finally getting caught up on things and have uploaded a new  yin yoga class + guided meditation to my Youtube channel. The class works to stimulate the stomach meridian line. The stomach is connected our self-confidence and intuition so it’s important that we give it some attention! I finished this class and had me some lemon ginger tea since ginger is known to settle the stomach.

Anyway, enjoy the class. I wrote out the poses below so you have them in written form as well. If you are available May 19-20, my “Understanding + Teaching Yin Yoga” weekend immersion is coming up! Would be honored to have you at my studio for this special event. LEARN MORE!

Childs Pose (3 min)

Sphinx (3 min)

Half Frog (1 min each side)

Cat / Cow stretches (1 min)

Half Puppy / Melted Heart (2 min)

Threaded Needle (in childs) (1 min)

Stomach Revolving Twist (3 min)

*repeat half puppy through stomach revolving twist on other sides*

Wipers (1 min)

Butterfly (4 min)

Supported Bridge (2 min)

Reclined Hero / Saddle (3 min)

Savasana (5 min)

Feel free to pause the video if you want longer in each of these. There is a guided meditation at the end of the video.


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