Yin Yoga for Gratitude – Full-length class!

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Nancy Nelson

Hello world!

I know it’s been a couple of months and I just want to say I miss sharing with you! So I have good news – I’m going to start a new series of posts on meridian focused sequences. The first of which will be on the blog next week and related to the Kidney meridians (and we will also target the Liver). So keep an eye out! I just finished a 50-hour yin training with Bernie Clark of yinyoga.com and it was truly phenomenal. I highly recommend his trainings and utilizing his books and website as resources.  I’m eager to let the information sink in a bit more so I can share with you all via my webinars and classes.

As always, it would be a true pleasure to have you for this special class. Anytime is a good time to practice gratitude, but as we are moving into Thanksgiving week here in the US – I thought it was a good time to offer something specific!

Be on the lookout for more content – coming soon!

All my best,

Looking for a great timer for yin? I use this one and love the subtle vibration setting for both teaching and home practice.

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    1. Of course! Thank you for supporting my content 🙂 The link above is updated with a better quality video if you haven’t had the opportunity to practice yet or want to practice again!

  1. Hi Nancy

    I’ve been following you for quite awhile and love your yin sequences and playlists … I did my training with Bernie over 2 years ago and it started my love affair with yin, both as a teacher and student. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so openly and genuinely … hoping one day to take in one of your workshops in person. ❤️✌🏼Kathy

    1. Thank you for expressing your gratitude Kathy! I am thankful to know that what I share is helpful and inspiring to others. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I use yinyoga.com a lot. Bernie replies to questions. It’s amazing.
    I want to get to bc to do a training….one of these days.

    I look forward to seeing your classes.

    1. Hey there! Yes, I used his website and books a lot before taking his training. I’m an even bigger fan now that I’ve been able to learn from him in person. He’s very inspirational to me! Highly rec his trainings! The link above is updated with a better quality video if you haven’t had the opportunity to practice yet or want to practice again!

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Nancy Nelson
Nancy Nelson
Nancy is the fearless leader here at Nancy Nelson Yoga! She has been instructing yoga since 2012 and is certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) with Yoga Alliance. She loves guiding yoga classes in all forms – from sweaty vinyasa flows, to slow mindful movement - but her favorite style to practice and teach is yin yoga. She attended a formal 50-hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts in the fall of 2018 and it truly propelled her into developing her yin focused website, webinars and trainings.

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