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Nancy Nelson

Hello yin friends!

It’s good to be back and uploading my first sequence since maternity leave. Pregnancy took a toll on my body and yet, it feels even stronger post-birth. I’m amazed at all our bodies can do! I’ve noticed that my hips and heart space need a little extra TLC these days so I’m offering you a sequence that’s been nourishing me lately. I hope it serves you well.

My mantra today – I AM SEEN.


Bridge Pose (5 min)

Begin on your back in a supported bridge pose. Elevate your hips and slide a block or bolster secure under the sacrum area to feel fully held in this position. You can keep knees bent or extend them straight. Use this time to tune in and acknowledge how you feel throughout your body – mind – spirit today. As you check in, lovingly remind yourself … “I AM SEEN”

Yin for Hips + Heart - Bridge Pose

Knee to chest (1 min each side)

From bridge, begin to draw the left knee into the chest. You can keep the right knee bent or to deepen into the hip flexor, extend the right leg and gently press the heel into the earth. Breathe deeply here and feel the body begin to release.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Extended Bridge

Cat’s Tail (4 min)

Gently lower to a neutral spine on the mat. Give your body a moment to decompress. Roll onto the right side body and pause for a moment in fetal position. A position that represents renewal and the opportunity to begin again. Remind yourself… “I AM SEEN”

Slowly begin to prop up onto the right forearm and let the right side body gently fan open toward the floor and let the shoulder shrug toward the ear. You can cushion the forearm here if needed or desired. Over time begin to separate the legs, drawing the top leg toward the space in front of you (utilize props to close out space) and the bottom leg moves further underneath/behind you. You can connect your top hand with the bottom foot if you wish. Stay up on the forearm or slowly lower to a reclined twist variation to open further through the chest.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Cats Tail

Continue sequence before moving to second side.

Reverse Needle (4 min)

Make your way back to fetal position and then slowly roll off your mat onto the belly. Extend the right arm out about 90 degrees from the body. Place the left hand under the left shoulder and slowly roll toward the right side body. Place the left foot behind the right leg like a kickstand if you’d like and use the left arm to help you balance here or you can relax it in front of or behind you.

This is a vulnerable space – across our chest. It’s where we hold onto those we love and care most for as well as where we protect ourselves at our heart center. Whatever you feel here on an emotional or energetic level – acknowledge it. Remind yourself… “I AM SEEN”

Yin for Hips + Heart - Reverse Needle

Continue sequence before moving to second side.

Constructive Rest (1 min)

Slowly make your way to the belly for a few moments and then transition when you’re ready onto your back on the mat. Begin to bend at the knees and widen the feet so the knees can rest into one another. Take the right arm across the chest and the left arm in front of it and let them hang heavy. Breathe here in this warm embrace of self-love.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Constructive Rest

Repeat cat’s tail through constructive rest on the second sides.

Melted Heart – One Arm (2 min each side)

Make your way onto hands and knees. Gently begin to walk the right arm forward to the floor or a block as you let the chest melt toward the mat. Turn the left forearm in and rest the head onto that arm. Breathe into the right shoulder and side of the chest. After your time is up, move to the left side.

Yin for Hips + Heart - One Arm Melted Heart

Melted Heart – Both Arms (3 min)

Take a moment moving through cat and cow and then move into the full version of melted heart pose, with both arms forward. You can support your chest (pictured) with a bolster if you need or desire some extra support.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Melted Heart

Childs Pose – Arms Back (2 min)

Slowly rest the hips back toward the heels and drape the arms alongside the body. Take a few moments here to absorb the feeling and space generated in the deep heart opener you were just in. Remind yourself… “I AM SEEN”

Yin for Hips + Heart - Childs

Deer Pose (5 min each side)

Make your way back into table position and draw the right knee to the right wrist. Slide the foot over to the left and sit down as you slide the left shin up the side of the mat. Hips don’t have to be perfectly level or square – feel out what’s best and then find your way forward into a fold. After your time here, open out into your wipers at the long edge of the mat. To move to the second side – from wipers, drop the legs to the back of the mat and the left leg will now be positioned forward, right leg at your side. Fold when ready from there.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Deer

Caterpillar (5 min)

Find a comfortable seat with the legs extended forward of you preparing for a forward fold. You can widen the stance as much as you’d like. Place a bolster across your lap and begin to round the back gently as you fold forward. Practice acceptance for your stopping point and simply focus on your breath once you land.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Caterpillar

Savasana (10 min)

Roll onto your back (or any other preferred position) and rest in savasana. Scan the body one last time before moving into the rest of the day, acknowledging the space you’ve created and the way that you feel here at the end of the practice. Once more, reminding yourself … “I AM SEEN”.

Yin for Hips + Heart - Savasana


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Nancy Nelson
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