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Nancy Nelson

Hello yin friends!

This post was unplanned but I taught on the “Radiant Circuits” this week in my online classes and I wanted to share some information with you all about them as they serve as our joy reservoirs in the energy body. Who couldn’t use a little extra joy this time of year?

I’ve struggled with my joy lately. Feeling drained, tired, weary and overall just uncertain. And yet, during the holidays we are supposed to feel our happiest. This isn’t always the case for many of us and I wanted to offer something that can meet your needs whether this is the most joyous Christmas ever for you or potentially the loneliest one in a long time.

What are Radiant Circuits?

Radiant Circuits are collector meridians. We know the meridians to have very specific paths through the body. This type of meridian is not defined by a designated path, rather this energy moves in a pattern that responds to the needs of the body, mind and spirit. Meaning, any underactive, depleted or clogged areas are met with a flush of nourishment.

The radiant circuits have been described as reservoirs to all systems that need more energy. They support the vibrancy and harmony in the energy body and generate unshakeable joy and radiance throughout the system.

Reservoir | res·er·voir | noun

• a large natural or artificial lake used as a source of water supply. 

• a supply or source of something: tapping into a universal reservoir of information

• [usually with modifier] a place where fluid collects, especially in rock strata or in the body.

How do I activate them?

There are several natural factors that may already be a part of your life that automatically stimulate the radiant circuits.

  • Inspiring Scenery
  • Animals
  • Being with Loved Ones
  • Gratitude

Though we may not be able to have access to all of these things all the time, there are ways we can still utilize these activators. For inspiring scenery – try a visualization meditation! Here’s a great one. To connect with animals, try fostering a pet for a day. Many places offer the ability for you to take a shelter pet on a walk or snuggle with them in the park. Being with loved ones is something we are all missing a bit this year especially. Thankfully technology does allow for us to connect through video calls, etc. I know we are all experiencing screen fatigue, but let’s make time to have meaningful conversations however we can with people that bring our lives joy! For those who are in your “bubble” or direct circle, really take advantage of the fact that you can be around them in person. Snuggle up, put away your phone and indulge in some old fashioned eye contact. Obviously, gratitude is always accessible to us, but it is inhibited by worry, fear and regret. As you breathe throughout your day, bring your mind to the present moment. Gratitude exists in the NOW. I love practicing the “Rampage of Appreciation” for focused gratitude time.

On the mat (or really anywhere we have a moment to ourselves), we can activate the radiant circuits through various techniques as well. Feel free to give them a try and let me know how they worked for you.

Directed Breathing

Directed breathing is just that, breath that moves in a certain direction. You can do this at any time! Simply scan the body and any sensations you feel (physical or energetic) – send your breath to those areas. When on the mat, this is most obvious and accessible through the physical sensations or any emotions that arise. Your breath will flood the body with oxygen and the blood will then flow to that area. Pretty powerful, huh?

In a similar way, this is how our radiant circuits work and respond to needs. Wherever there is stagnancy, overactivity, weariness – this energetic response automatically moves out into those areas to flood the system with vibrancy and…joy!

Reclined Butterfly + body brushing

For this exercise, come into a reclined butterfly position. Take time reaching the arms overhead and allow the body to settle heavily into the comfort of the earth beneath you. Spend some time practicing directed breathing to calm the sensations that arise. When the initial intensity has dissolved a bit, with the hands begin to gently brush in a heart-like motion. Starting at the pelvis, brush straight up the midline to the sternum then up and around the breast tissue under the collarbones then back down and in toward the pelvis again. Keep circling here about 10 rounds. Once done, let the arms relax and breathe to feel out any shifts that may have taken place.

Upright Caterpillar + rub legs, shake feet

Come into a seated position with the legs extended forward of you. Use the heels of the palms to massage at the hip creases around toward the outer hips. Then use the full grip of the hands to massage down the thighs, around the knees, to the calves and then massage back up to repeat 2x more.

When done, begin to shake the feet side to side rather vigorously and then roll out the ankles. Continue like this for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

et voila! Radiant Circuits activated!


Finally, a Christmas post is not complete without a gift! I would love to gift each of my blog followers access to a new class in my video library called “Honoring the Silence”. Please use code MERRY2020 at checkout here.

I have loved being able to connect with many of you through my weekly yin classes. If you’re interested in joining me for live classes and utilizing the full video library – you can do so for just $20/month. A great stocking stuffer for yourself or someone else. You can find my current schedule here. All live classes are available for 24 hours after they’ve gone live. At the end of the week, I put them into the library for you to return to whenever you need them!

Love you guys and I’m so excited to share more yin than ever with you in 2021. Be sure to check out the upcoming webinars, online classes and upcoming blog posts scheduled for the new year and beyond!

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Nancy Nelson
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