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Authum S. Rowe

“You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming.”

Pablo Neruda

Spring is a breath of fresh air as we make our way out of the long winter days. This season is all about embracing the sun’s warmth, rain showers, heavenly rainbows and blooming flowers. Spring is the season of hope and growth. Changes happen, goals are found and life is reborn again. Spring cleaning starts, summer vacations are planned and we start to see the bright side of life. Why is it that we wait for a season to see ourselves worthy? We can grow at any time and anywhere.

This sequence is all about regulating and modifying our energy levels during seasonal transitions. We will garden our minds, create clarity and allow inspiration and creativity to bloom with ease.

Props Needed:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Blanket
  • Blocks
  • Bolster
  • Journal

Caution: Any deep twisting or positions where you are hovering is not recommended for birthers, people with diastasis recti, shoulder/neck/back/hip injuries and or sciatica.

Gentle Awakening + Breath (10 min)

Start your practice in savasana (corpse pose). Allowing your body to lay extended out on your mat. Feet are dangling towards the sides of the mat and arms are at your sides. Shoulders are released from the ears. Deep inhale through the nose and exhale releasing the body into the mat, allowing the lower back to relax. Unclenching the jaw and releasing the tongue from the roof of the mouth. Tension in your face has melted away with your exhale. Take this moment to center your breath, your intentions and your focus. Option to close your eyes or have a short gaze.

To gently awaken your energy, simply wiggle the toes and fingers bringing back awareness towards the body. Sweep arms up over head for a good stretch. Begin to hug both knees into your chest, gently rock side to side. Extend both legs into the air towards the ceiling/sky, bend the right knee cross it over the top of the left leg, bend the left knee and slide arms through openings to hug the left leg. Repeating the Eye of the Needle on both sides. These two poses begin to stimulate the inner line of the legs (yin side).

Sleeping Swan (4 min)

Gently coming out of Eye of the Needle, we will be switching directions. To begin, start in your tabletop position. Both hands and knees are on the mat shoulder width apart, taking the dip from your lower back out. Pressing both hands into the mat, tucking the toes in, lifting through the hips coming into your Downward Dog position. From here, sweep the right leg up over head, bend your knee and open your hip. Bring the right knee forward towards the front of the mat and lower the body down at the same time, extending out the left leg behind you. Pressing both hands into the mat at your sides, holding the body up and opening the chest. If it is in your practice you may begin to lower down, bringing the forearms towards the mat, stacking the fists allowing the head to meet or extending your arms out in front of you and having your head meet the mat. Remembering your breath and knowing you are supported. Repeating this pose on both sides.

Our Sleeping Swan targets the Gallbladder meridian and Liver meridian which both relate to the ability of feeling supported and range emotions of anger, frustration and resentment. With every exhale release and direct this energy into creavitity.

Lateral Half Butterfly (6 min)

As you finish your Sleeping Swan, lift your head up, walk your hands back towards the body. Lean onto the left hip, coming into a seat and swing the right leg forward to meet the left leg. Open both legs into a wide legged seat. Bend left leg inward, keep right leg extended out. Lean towards your left side, bend your arm and have the left side of your head resting on your hand*. Sweep the right arm up over head and reach towards your left.

Repeat on both sides.

*Option to have a prop (block, bolster or folded blanket) to bring the floor closer to you.

Bananasana (4 min)

Extending both legs out in front of you, gently begin to lower down onto the mat. Extend arms overhead, using your right hand grab the left wrist. Crossing left foot over right foot and begin to stretch over towards the right side into a C-shape or like a banana. Slow and gentle breathes are encouraged here.

Repeat on both sides.

Bananasana pose helps to strengthen the Gallbladder. In many instances becoming easily discouraged or indecisive are usual signs of a weak Gallbladder.

Dragonfly (3 min)

Rolling over towards your favorite side and pressing up into a seated position. Open your legs into a wide-legged seat. Inhale through the nose, sweep your arms up overhead and exhale, begin to fold down and extend your arms out in front of you. Using any support needed here. Maybe stretching/opening over to both sides and allowing the middle stretch to become deeper. You will feel an inner sensation here, go with the flow of your breath.

Frog (4 min)

Coming back onto your stomach, you have the option of coming into a half frog or full frog.

In half frog, start off by laying on your stomach, bring the right leg up at the side and bend your knee. You have the choice of laying flat, coming up onto the forearms or hands. Repeating this on both sides.

For a full frog, start off just the same but now bringing both legs up. The left leg is now up with the right. This stretch will be deeper, opening everything. The groins, the liver and hips will be activated here. Align your body and breathe with the chance to let go in.

Using any props like a blanket for the knees or a bolster to elevate the torso is welcome here.

Savasana (10 min)

Find a place to rest and enjoy the stillness and feeling of personal growth. Stay as long as you’d like here!

Thank you for joining me on this yin journey. Please feel free to repeat any poses and take a moment to journal how you feel in those moments.

With gratitude,

Authum S. Rowe

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Authum S. Rowe
Authum S. Rowe
Authum is a New York native who recently found her way to Georgia. Authum has been practicing yoga since 2006. Finding clarity and peace that followed her into her adult years. Authum went to City University of New York, College of Staten Island to study Psychology hoping to find a calling that would show her the way to helping people in all angles of life. After achieving her bachelors she endured an “Eat, Pray, Love” journey and found that becoming a yoga teacher can benefit her growth and assist others in trusting their process of life. Authum graduated class of 2020 in Alpharetta, Georgia with her 200HR RYT certification and has also earned her RPYT 90HR certification. She plans on continuing to fulfill her vision of becoming a yoga therapist. In her spare time she enjoys cooking, dancing, reading and playing her viola!

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