Yoga for Postpartum Mamas

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Hannah Day

When you have a baby, whether it’s your first, second, third, etc., there is a tremendous amount of energy that is lost in the body. In many ways, pregnancy is very yang in nature. We are doing so much work internally that another human being is being created! Think of how much physical, mental, hormonal, emotional and spiritual energy this will require of mama. Regardless of delivery method (vaginal or C-section) – every mom needs a tremendous serving of yin time postpartum. We need to nourish our bodies, not just with yummy whole foods and snacks, but physically and mentally as well.

These are also important:

  • Less drama
  • Setting healthy boundaries for the people in your lives to respect
  • Explore gentle movements, keeping more of a yin-style mindset (think slow and mindful!) to reconnect

This 30 minute Postpartum Yoga sequence is for moms in the 4th trimester (right after having a baby) all the way up to your baby turning 1! This class stretches out the neck, shoulders, opens up the chest (from all the rounding you do either breast or bottle feeding) and gets the spine moving in ways that are helpful. This class is a blend of yin and yang postures to support reconnecting with yourself mind, body and spirit in a gentle, nourishing way.

All you need is a yoga mat, a pillow or yoga bolster and a blanket or beach towel to fold up under the knees. WHY? Because you have relaxin, a hormone that we need in pregnancy, still in your body up to around 5 months postpartum (the more you know!), and we need to protect the knee joints.

Here are some of the poses we will do & why:

Cat-Cow Pose:
Amazing for the spine and a gentle way to engage the core (as you round, draw the belly-button to the spine) bringing your chin to your chest and lifting up between the shoulder blades, like a jungle cat!

Mama Sphinx Pose
This is traditional Sphinx Pose in various stages. Choose the one that works for you with an option of supporting your belly with a blanket if you have a C-section scar for example.

Mama Pigeon
Similar to Pigeon Pose, but we keep the toes flexed or pointed under the body and we don’t keep the shin parallel to the top of our yoga mat. This pose is great for the hips.

Reclined Twist with Pillow
Ahhhh… the BEST grounding pose and to reset the body. I love this pose so much for postpartum moms.
This class can be done every week. I HIGHLY recommend scheduling yourself back into your life again as when you fill up your mama cup, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes at a time, you recharge your soul.

Motherhood is such a beautiful journey and yoga is a great tool to help you thrive.



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Hannah Day
Hannah Day
Hannah Day (@happydayyoga) is a mama of 2 and a pre- & postnatal specialist (RYT® 500, E-RYT® 200, RPYT®) based out of British Columbia, Canada. She has been teaching moms yoga for almost a decade and founded @BirthPrepYoga in 2020. Movement is KEY to feeling great during pregnancy and the postpartum period. Yoga & breathing techniques are incredibly helpful for moms to release stress, anxiety and to rebuild their cores in a safe way. Plus baby LOVES to watch their mama move & sing. Mom & Baby Yoga online is such a great way to connect with baby in a fun way and to connect with moms around the globe.

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