Summer Solstice

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Laura Klocke

The Summer Solstice coming up in a few days marks the pinnacle of the summer energy and with this the start of the element of fire. The tilt of the earth is at this day the reason why we are the closest to the sun for the whole year. It means we are more exposed to sunlight and we are celebrating the longest night of the year. Already the Egyptian culture, the ancient cultures in Mexico, indigenous Europeans and others have tracked that the sun made the longest way in the sky on this day.

Winter is related to the yin energy which is dominating by cold and dark, the days are shorter, we are more likely to stay at home, draw our energy within for rest and rejuvenation.

Summer is the total opposite, it is hot, we like to stay outside and meet people and we maybe even wake up earlier, are more active and productive. This is totally natural because our body is following nature’s rhythm, the seasons and temperatures.

Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine fire stands for our will power, our inner strength and passion. It is total yang: active, always directed upright, free and assigned to the season of summer. The related organ of the fire is the heart which contains one of our spirits called “Shen“. It is said that Shen is our awareness, the force which acts with insights and understanding. To cultivate this qualities in us, the home of Shen, the heart, needs to be balanced and in harmony. Then we can connect with our heart center, follow our passions with understanding and connect with our  surrounding with love and care.

Summer Solstice is a great day to set intentions or go into meditation. As the fire element will help you to bring action and an ascending energy to the intentions and goals you are setting on this day. Maybe reflect of what you want to realise or invite into your life for the second half of the year. You can light a candle as a symbol for this element and  the light which will shine for your heart wishes.

You could also incorporate some yin yoga poses. Yin yoga is a great way to balance and stimulate the element in a gentle way.

The meridians of the element of fire are running through the arms and along the backside of the shoulders. So chest and heart openers, as well as shoulder stretches are ways we can stimulate these energy lines.

Below you find some ideas of position you can practice, maybe all of them, or only 1-2, to connect with your heart, with your awareness in form of the soul „Shen“ and with  the passion which lies within you!


  • 2 blocks
  • Bolster
  • Blanket

Butterfly with crossed arms

Bring the sole of your feet together and let your knees fall apart. cross your arms in front of your chest and at the same time come into a gentle forward fold. Rest your hands either on your knees, your thighs or your shins, just don’t restrict or push your legs, it should be a natural and passive way for your arms.

Here you can feel the back side of your heart center and you may feel a stretch in the outer arm area.

After 2 minutes change the crossing of the arms for an other 2min and release the pose after slowly.

Anahata Asana | 3-4 min

Come onto hands and knees and walk your hands forward on your mat. Let your hip stuck over your knees and let your chest sink  down into the direction of the floor. You could use a block or a rolled blanket underneath your forehead if this feels better.

Try to soften the shoulder region to soften the heart space, maybe visualise how your heartfelt wishes can be exchanged with the earth underneath you. Stay up to 4 min, if you need to release before, please always do so

Sit back onto your heels, into child pose and relax your shoulders.

Supported fish pose | 5 min

place two blocks on your mat, that one can support your head and the other is placed underneath your heart space (between your shoulder blades). If you don’t have blocks, you can use as well the yoga booster or other bolster, to create an elevation for your chest and head.

Lay down on the props and relax your full body  down, into the mat and onto the props.

Feel your chest and heart space wide and  soft. Remember the intention you want to manifest for the summer solstice and let the vision vibrate within you.

You can stay up to 5 minutes here and then roll to one side, away from your props.

If you would like, stay in savasana for some minutes, to let the energies settles and flow within you.

Maybe you also want to take some minutes after the practice to write down your intention, what came up and what your heart shared with you.

Enjoy you practice and the summer solstice!!

Namaste, Laura

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Laura Klocke
Laura Klocke
Laura is a certified yoga teacher (650h), Reiki master teacher and is leading international Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings. Together with her partner Vincent Clenet she founded the label „LaVi - Sound & Yoga“, which combines yoga, sound therapy, Reiki and sustainable products. Laura is living at the moment in Spain where she is sharing her passion for yoga in classes, trainings and retreats. On the Lavi Online yoga platform you can find a variety of yoga classes and other content.

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