EFT Tapping for Autumn

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Nancy Nelson

I wanted to share some Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) inspiration for the fall season, which focuses on our metal element and the lung and large intestine meridians. The specific endpoints to tap for these meridians are on the thumb and index finger as you see below.

You can tap these fingers together as you recite the mantras or use these fingers to tap through the rest of the points (see below). You can find more information on EFT and yin in this article.

Autumn Energy

The energetics of fall embrace grieving, releasing, and letting go. Not exactly life’s easiest lessons, but ones that are required for growth and renewal. With nature as our example, our leaves must fall too. Often, we merely remark at the leaves as they lay upon the ground. But think of the process of them dying on the tree, still gripping until a cool breeze encourages them to fall. How we, too, tend to hold onto the very things we inevitably must and will eventually release. In order to create space for rebirth within, we embrace the autumn season and release our grip on what is now ready to be let go of.

What is it for you? Take some time to consider the leaves that must fall this autumn. A simple list of one or two things might sum it up, or perhaps it’s more extensive.

When you’re ready, take some time for tapping.


Below are some suggested mantras, feel free to adjust and fine tune these according to your specific list or utilize these as they are. I recommend tying them with your breath, breathing in after the first half of the statement, breathing out with the second.

Even though it’s hard to release, I trust that letting go is the way forward.

Even when I struggle with negative emotions, I let go to embrace the positive.

Even though I find comfort in what is already known, I step into the unknown and have faith.

Even though I feel like I am in control, I loosen my grip to find freedom.

I let go.

I let go.

I let go.

Below is a class for the metal element if you’d like to enjoy a free yin session!

Use code: Fall22 to get free access through 12/31/22.

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Nancy Nelson
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