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Nancy Nelson

If you’ve followed my blog for a while now, you may have been around when I first wrote sequences for The Four Agreements. It’s such a wonderful little book that I re-read at least once each year. There are many life lessons that can be soaked up in each chapter and it’s such a quick read. I love taking what I’m reading and spending meditative time considering the concepts as I practice yin.

Because yin offers us time to be still and sift through thoughts on the mat, I find it incredibly impactul to consider specific mantras and ideals in the poses. This is what inspired me to launch the Yin Yogi Book Club! On Wednesdays in February, I’m excited to offer a 4-week series of livestream yin classes that follows the 4 Agreements. Yogis will be responsible for reading the chapter of the week, to take notes and journal what resonates with you and then we will have a live class (recording sent out after if you can’t make it live) to process on the mat together.

The four agreements are as follows…

Be impeccable with your word.

Don’t take anything personally.

Don’t make assumptions.

Always do your best.

I’ve linked the sequences I wrote years ago for each of the agreements above if you want to check them out. We will do something along those lines in the series! Each class will focus on one agreement for deep consideration and will have a brief introduction prior to class and discussion time after savasana.

Here’s a quick yin sequence you could utilize to consider each of the agreements if you want to try it out!

Be impeccable with your word | Childs pose w/elevated chin (3 min)

Begin in childs pose with the head neutral. Soften into your jaw and tongue as you begin to breathe steadily. Observe the breath. Note its temperature, texture and depth. Notice how it moves through your relaxed throat and into your lungs.

When you’re ready, elevate your chin to a block or similar sturdy prop. Do your best to keep your jaw, throat and face relaxed. Breathe here and recite the following mantra.

My words hold power. I choose them wisely.

Don’t Take Anything Personally | Cat pulling its tail (3 min each side)

Make your way to the back. Draw one leg into the chest and give it a big hug. Slowly, when ready, drop it over to the opposite side of the mat. The leg can be bent or extended. Feel free to prop it onto a bolster or blanket for extra support. When the top leg is settled, bend the bottom leg and draw the foot into the bottom. Stay or bind with the feet if you want to add on. Try not to put too much effort into the pose so that your mind can deepen to consider the second agreement, to not take anything personally. Repeat the following…

I cultivate thoughts and beliefs about myself based on what is true, not what other people say or do.

*repeat posture on second side*

Don’t Make Assumptions | Half Butterfly (3 min each side)

Yin Yoga Sequence - Journey to Frog Pose - Half Butterfly

Come up to a seated position. Bend on knee while keeping the other extended and draw the sole of the foot into the inner thigh of the extended leg. Take a few moments upright before folding into the posture. Try not to make assumptions about your physical pose or what you may feel/experience. Stay curious and open while utilizing the following breath mantra.

Inhale: ACCEPTANCE (allowing in what is true/present)

Exhale: EXPECTATION (assuming what you know the pose/moment will be like)

*repeat posture on second side*

Always Do Your Best | Swan / Sleeping Swan (4 min each side)

Come into swan position with one leg forward and the other leg extended back. Pause upright as you allow the hips to settle and your awareness to move into the moment at hand. As you breathe here, recognize that you’ve shown up as your best self in this moment and nothing else is required of you. As you fold forward, take the time to speak the following over yourself.

I release shame and guilt and believe that I do enough, I have enough and I am enough.

*repeat posture on second side*

I hope you will join me for the upcoming series this February! Save your spot below.

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  1. I’ve relied on the 4 agreements for years if I’m feeling confused, conflicted or just out of sync. I’m very excited about pairing them with yoga. This will be a wonderful experience and tool to use to retain balance in my life.

  2. ❤️ I may have to join in! I’ve loved this book and read it several times since our teacher training!

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Nancy Nelson
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