Pose Breakdown | Caterpillar

In yin, there are all of these fun other names for the poses. Don’t ask me why, because I honestly don’t know. In the case of a seated forward fold pose – rather than Paschimottanasana which means “intense stretch pose”, we call it caterpillar.┬áSo let’s learn how to bend like the caterpillars do, shall we? … Continue reading Pose Breakdown | Caterpillar

Yin Yoga | Practicing Presence – Holiday Sequence

Hey friends! I’m excited to finally be getting another sequence on my blog. Today is the perfect day to do so because it actually FEELS like Christmas on this cold, drizzly day in Texas. I’m currently leaning toward the warmth of the fire listening to the quiet hum of my home. As I sit here, … Continue reading Yin Yoga | Practicing Presence – Holiday Sequence

Yin Yoga: Kidney Meridian Lines

Today I am going to walk you through a sequence (about 60-75 minutes) that you can use to detox the back body and clear out blockages along the kidney meridian lines. Meridians are lines of energy that flow through the body and can affect various organs, circulation, and general function of the physical body and … Continue reading Yin Yoga: Kidney Meridian Lines