ASANA: Caterpillar, Dangling + Reclining Twists

In this webinar, we will discuss several asana in the spine postures family: caterpillar (seated forward fold), dangling (standing fold) and reclining twist poses.

Pose Breakdown | Caterpillar

In yin, there are all of these fun other names for the poses. Don’t ask me why, because I honestly don’t know. In the case of a seated forward fold pose – rather than Paschimottanasana which means “intense stretch pose”, we call it caterpillar. So let’s learn how to bend like the caterpillars do, shall we? […]


The root chakra is the first of the 7 chakras that travel up the spine to the crown of the head. It encompasses grounding energy and stability and relates to yin…

YIN SEQUENCE | Transformation of the Butterfly

Journey through the life cycle of a butterfly in this yin sequence…

Yin Sequence | Water Element

Flow your way through a gentle yin yoga practice for the element of water.

The Names of Yin Poses

Gain some insight into why yin and yang poses often have different names.

Yin Yoga Sequence | Alchemy

Alchemy is everywhere. The word is used so freely these days, it often becomes unmoored from its meaning and certainly from actual work in a laboratory. But for the student of yoga, alchemy is not some hip new way to describe transformation; rather, alchemy has deep roots in the history…

Yin Yoga Sequence | Autumn

Follow this sequence to target the lung and large intestine lines for the fall season.

Meridian of the Month | Urinary Bladder

The meridian lines of the body are energetic highways that provide a path for Qi and other substances to flow. This year, we will learn details about one of the meridians each month as they coordinate with the time of year / season that we are currently in. For February, let’s discuss the Urinary Bladder […]

Yin Sequence | Self-Love

February is the month of love and I think we can agree that love is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The love we share in our family, other beings, and also the love we give to ourselves. Finding self-love is the first step and the most important one to being open […]