Meridian of the Month | Heart

In the summer, we focus on the heart meridian and stoking our inner fire energy. Learn the ins and outs of this energy pathway and the physical and emotional implications of imbalances in the flow of qi.

The Meridians // Heart

An original expression of the Heart meridian lines within the energy body. This is a part of a larger series being released in 2021. Collect all 12 meridian line pieces!

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: Heart + Small Intestine Meridians // Details + Sequencing

In this webinar, we will break down the heart and small intestine meridians in detail and then spend time talking about sequencing for these lines in the body.

Healing the Heart | Calming Foods for the New Year

We all have had a difficult year. Existential fears, fears for health and changes in our behavioral patterns towards our fellow human beings affect our well-being. Our nervous system is a complex field which can be influenced from countless directions. The good news is, that we can use many approaches such as: Yoga – especially […]

ASANA: Melted Heart, Reverse Needle + Reclined Cowface Arms

In this webinar, we will discuss several asana in the shoulder postures family: melted heart, reverse needle and reclined cowface poses.

Yin Yoga Sequence| Hips & Heart

Yin yoga sequence for the hips and heart!

Pose Breakdown | Anahatasana – Melted Heart

Good morning, friends! As a part of my grand comeback, I’ve decided to post a yin pose breakdown every Monday morning. My hope is that you can utilize these specifics of the postures to find more freedom and release in your practice. Anahatasana – Melted Heart Pose Getting into the pose…         […]

4 Yin Poses To Reconnect with Your Heart

4 Poses for Your Heart. Check out my featured post over on for a nice heart-focused yin sequence I posted on Valentine’s Day. Love to you all! Nancy Find the article HERE  

Wood Element | Yin Sequence – Rest as a Means to Transcend

As a result of the culture that we are living in, we may have the tendency to be more attentive to the observable parts of our lives from outside, and not find ourselves diligent in the areas that are reserved just for us…

Metal Element | Yin Sequence for Letting Go + Trust

Stimulate the upper body and your ability to “let be” in this yin yoga sequence for the metal element…