Qigong and Yin Yoga: Two Practices Compared

Qigong 气功 is a practice that has become popular amongst Yin Yoga practitioner and teacher. Perhaps you’ve tried Qigong 气功 but might not be familiar the history behind Qigong and why it’s taught together with Yin yoga. In this article you will learn more about Qigong, what it is, how Qigong works, how it relates to Yin Yoga and how Qigong can complement your Yin Yoga practice to improve your vitality and health.

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In many texts 阴阳 Yin-Yang is often written as Yin and Yang. The reality is however, there is no Yang without Yin, and vice versa. There isn’t even an ‘and’ separating them because it is, they are, simply, Yin-Yang. Because it is a single concept made up of 2 separate words however, the closest representation that reflects the truth of this is Yin-Yang….