Afraid of getting addicted to yoga?

Exercise addiction is a reality and – for more and more people – a problem. Many of us are avid yoga practitioners. Can yoga also trigger exercise addiction?

Wu wei in Yoga

The concept of wu wei enters most of the yoga classes I teach. When I guide my yoga students into a pose, I often ask them to make an “effortless effort.”

Spring in the Five Element Theory

Spring is here! Can you feel little sparks of creativity urging you to get on with the projects you have thought about and nourished for the past months? Or is your nose already congested from nature’s first bursts of pollen? Both are perfectly natural and a sign that we are in tune with nature around us, according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). TCM postulates that our Qi, or life force, fluctuates within us through the seasons, just as it does in nature around us.

The Silent Space

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.” The author of this quote is long forgotten, but the words are true to this day. And we can take the quote with us in our yin yoga practice, into the yoga shala (yoga room). What is silence? The dictionary offers several synonyms for the word silence, ranging […]