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Carole Merritt

Carole Merritt

Carole is a yoga teacher living in Ottawa, Canada. Her passion is helping people find and feel the magic that yoga and mindfulness brings.

Carole found yoga more than 18 years ago during a super busy time in her life. As a long distance runner, Carole was tight and sore in her body; as an at-home mother of small children, she needed to find a way to incorporate self care into her daily routine. A good friend convinced her to try yoga. Immediately, she loved the practice of yoga and it became part of her regular life. As chronic aches and recurring injuries became a thing of the past, she began to incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into her routine. The combination of practicing yoga and mindfulness completely transformed and improved Carole’s life.

Following more than a decade as an at home mother, Carole wanted to return to work outside the home. Following her passion, she decided to do what she loves, helping people to find their fit body and mind through yoga. As an instructor, Carole is definitely not a subscriber to the “no pain, no gain” philosophy. It is her goal to help students achieve their goals by providing a fun and thorough practice that will strengthen and tone their muscles while leaving them refreshed and feeling great. Carole likes to include a sense of humor in her classes; she never takes anything too seriously. Yoga can be fun!

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