The root chakra is the first of the 7 chakras that travel up the spine to the crown of the head. It encompasses grounding energy and stability and relates to yin…

Chakra Cleansing | Yin Sequence

In this practice you will be guided through your chakras which are energetic centres in your body. You may like to complete this practice by moving through all seven poses in one session or you can move intuitively only doing the poses you feel called to do.  When working with your chakras you can feel […]

EFT Tapping for Autumn

I wanted to share some Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) inspiration for the fall season, which focuses on our metal element and the lung and large intestine meridians. The specific endpoints to tap for these meridians are on the thumb and index finger as you see below. You can tap these fingers together as you recite […]