Grounding Yourself | Vata Dosha

t last, we have arrived in Fall. Crisp autumn leaves and apple cider nights. As the seasons change we start to align ourselves with nature, clearing the path to becoming more intune with less resistance.

Lotus Pose: Breakdown

Lotus Pose It’s one of those poses that you imagine when you think of yoga. When I first started on my yoga journey I was like okay I know the important poses and what they look like. There’s down dog, warriors, and that pretzel looking one. Ha! So true, huh? We all know that yoga […]

Yin Yoga: The Hips

A note on deep hip opening postures… Your hip joints are one area that will get a lot of attention in your yoga practice. The more open and stable your hips, the better your sense of balance and the smoother your transitions. Your hips are also directly related to nerve endings and¬†energetic placement of your […]