Yin Sequence | Emotional Release

In this yin yoga sequence, we’ll be focusing on the hip area. Be gentle and patient with yourself, breathe mindfully and move from thinking to feeling. Feel free to enjoy some cleansing breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth) to help release whatever is stuck whenever you feel like it during the practice.

Tap Into JOY + A Christmas Gift

Hello yin friends! This post was unplanned but I taught on the “Radiant Circuits” this week in my online classes and I wanted to share some information with you all about them as they serve as our joy reservoirs in the energy body. Who couldn’t use a little extra joy this time of year? I’ve […]

The Silent Space

“Silence isn’t empty, it’s full of answers.” The author of this quote is long forgotten, but the words are true to this day. And we can take the quote with us in our yin yoga practice, into the yoga shala (yoga room). What is silence? The dictionary offers several synonyms for the word silence, ranging […]

Prenatal Yin – Practicing Mindfully While Expecting

Whether you are an expectant mother yourself or a yoga teacher wanting to best support your prenatal students – this article is for you. Practicing yin has been such a gift to my yoga practice and life in general. However, when I became pregnant with my first, I quickly learned that in order to safely […]