Understanding Yin and Yang Before Starting a Journey Inward

In her song, Joni Mitchell describes the initial reaction of the human heart to seeing life from both sides. Although it feels strange, and unfamiliar, that’s why we are here, on this beautiful website to explore our life from both sides.

Interoceptive Awareness and Yin | How Yin Yoga Helps You Look Within

Variations of this phrase appear in yoga classes around the world, maybe even more so in yin yoga. But what does that mean? Or what if you struggle to notice what is going on inside the body? You’re not alone in finding it all a bit confusing, but that’s where our Interoceptive Awareness comes in. 

Afraid of getting addicted to yoga?

Exercise addiction is a reality and – for more and more people – a problem. Many of us are avid yoga practitioners. Can yoga also trigger exercise addiction?

Pose Breakdown: Dangle

Dangling is a wonderful stretch for the back body and a great addition to your longer held yin poses.

Benefits of Myofascial Release

Fascia is a network of connective tissue that is found everywhere within our body. It looks like a spiderweb if you ever walked into one by accident, with a springy quality and energy to it. I also like to liken it to an orange, where you are peeling the layer of skin off, opening onto the segments beneath…