My faith is my number one priority. Years ago my heart was captivated by the love of Jesus and the grace of God presented by the gospel. Many of my posts are woven with my faith because it is the foundation of who I am. I am more than happy to tell you more about my personal journey to God if you have specific questions.

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  1. Tell me about it!! I am working on writing my life timeline at the library with “soul sister review” We are reading “unteathered Soul” Michael Singer and Storyline 2.0 finding your subplot in God’s story” Donald Miller. The past events in our lives are hard not to say YUK to . We are basically doing the 4th of the 12 steps as a writing exercise in Storlyine 2.0 I could use a little inspiration to proceed . Interested in your faith walk. Thank you Pat

  2. Well Nancy , I’m a Dialectical Materialist ….google it lol . All things are a beautiful interconnection and reflection of matter in motion . We are not a reduceable and mechanical experience but an unfolding expression of life….

  3. Hey Nancy, thanks for the blog. I stumbled upon this while researching Yin Yoga for hips. I’m a powerlifter, strongman, and Highland Games competitor, as such flexibility is an issue for me and I’ve decided to work on that area of weakness. I work in full time youth ministry in one of the largest churches in Canada, and I have my own television show about leading a physically active lifestyle as a Christian, so I was thrilled when I saw this section of your blog and learned that your heart is aligned with the mission of Christ. Christians, rightly so, must approach yoga with a discerning heart, and I’m glad to have found your space of the internet.

  4. So inspiring and encouraging to hear another Christian voice in the yoga world. I’ve caught a lot of flack recently from my congregation for what I do for a living and treading down a “slippery slope” path, etc. Looking forward to diving deeper into your site and am very intrigued by the Thrive series. Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your gifts!

    1. Samantha! I totally understand where you’re coming from. For me, I just have to remind myself of the doors God has opened to place me in this walk of life. I feel he intentionally put me here to stand out. I bet he is doing the same with you! Hope you enjoy the blog. Let me know if you ever have questions or requests. -Nancy

  5. HI Nancy. I stumbled upon your blog while looking for some new ways to share YIN in my classes. Thank you for sharing a bit about your personal journey…I too am a follower of Jesus and have found this practice a lovely extension to spiritual practices and prayer life. You were the encouragement I needed today… Namaste.

  6. Hi Nancy. I was uplifted to read your winess of your faith in Christ while exploring your blog after following a yin sequence of yours. I,too, look to Jesus as my Saviour. I have found yoga (I mainly practice Bikram) to be great for me physically, while helping me still my mind for a less cluttered prayer life AND to better manage my emotions. I am daily thinking of how to continue in my yoga practice and be a faithful witness at the same time. Blessings.

  7. Hi Nancy,
    I came across your website as I was looking for inspiration on yin pose variations. How lucky and blessed I was. I’m a yoga teacher committed to her faith who has taken flak from the yoga communities for being a Christian and from the Christian communities for being a yogi. 🙂 It’s my ministry. You’ll be an inspiration for me. Thank you.

  8. Hi Nancy, I will joyfully respond and say I was also looking for inspiration for writing up my yin flow class for tonight and clicked on your faith icon. I am a very faithful christian teaching yoga and love to use the opportunity to minister through this beautiful form of movement. I am hoping my church I have recently joined will be open minded enough to embrace this amazing healthy physical practice to extend their spiritual well-being. God bless you 🙂

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