The Meridians // Lung

An original expression of the Lung meridian lines within the energy body. This is a part of a larger series being released in 2021. Collect all 12 meridian line pieces!



In this series, observe the meridian lines portrayed through color, posture and placement. This is an original art piece by Nancy Nelson and focuses on the channels that carry Lung Qi through the energy body via the meridians. Your purchase includes a high quality print of this art on quality paper that will be mailed to your doorstep.

The Lung meridian journey…

The lung meridian originates in the solar plexus region and moves downward to then meet with the large intestine. From there it moves past the stomach and diaphragm where it divides and enters the lungs. Once through the lungs, it comes back together and moves upward through the windpipe to the throat where it divides again.

This is where it moves more superficially to the front of the shoulder (LU-1). It moves

over the shoulder and down the front of the arm, down the biceps and into the tendon at the elbow crease (LU-5). From there it continues down the forearm to the wrist to the base of the thumb(LU-9). The channel crosses the height of the thumb muscle to finish at the corner of the thumbnail.

This is original art by Nancy Nelson. By purchasing, you acknowledge and agree to the copyright agreement.

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