Pose Breakdown: Dragons Part 2 – The Splits

Good afternoon friends! It’s a rainy Monday here in Texas. This morning during my class, it was thundering and lovely! I’m so grateful for the rain. This week we continuing our focus on the variety-rich poses in the “dragon” family. This week we delve into the splits variations of the dragon poses. These poses can be rather intense […]

Pose Breakdown: Sphinx/Seal

Happy Monday, yin friends! Today we are talking about a pose that’s awesome for restoring natural curvature in your low back. Because we tend to “sit” our days away – whether driving in our cars, sitting at our desks or playing on the ground with kiddos – we find the low back tends to round out […]

Yin Sequence | Autumn 2016

Hello yinsters, We have had abnormally chilly mornings this past week here in Texas. I recently took a trip to Colorado and got my first real autumn experience as I watched the aspen leaves change more and more with each day we were there. So the weather here at home has been a welcome surprise! […]