New YouTube Classes!

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know I’ve uploaded several new Slow Flow classes to my Youtube Channel. I’ll embed them here so you can get your yoga on! Reach out to me if you have any questions! -Nancy

Yin Sequence for Zapping Tired Energy

Yin Sequence - Zap Tired Energy - Bridge

Hello yin friends! Below is a quick yin sequence you can do to wake up if you’re in an energy slump. I like to do these poses midday before the afternoon zzz’s kick in. ENJOY! Wide Legged Childs Pose (2 min) – Settle the hips back to the heels and rest the chest and arms […]

Yin Yoga for the Upper Body | Shoulders + Spine

Good afternoon, yogi friends! I hope that all is well in your world and that you are finding time for your yin practice in the warmer summer months. It is during the warmth of the season that our bodies and mind crave the benefits and environment of the yin practice to draw us back into […]

Yin Sequence: Relief for Shoulders, Neck, & Back

Good afternoon, yin friends! I’m excited to share this sequence with you. As we near the last bit of winter – our bodies are really starting to feel the impact of being curled up under a blanket for the last few months. I hope that this sequence brings a sense of awakening and renewal to your […]

Pose Breakdown: Dragons Part 1 – Lunges

Good evening friends! I hope your week is off to a wonderful start. This week we are focusing on the variety-rich poses in the “dragon” family as we’ve deemed them in yin yoga. These are very similar to the lunges you will experience in a flow class, but are held (as in any yin posture) […]

Pose Breakdown: Sphinx/Seal

Happy Monday, yin friends! Today we are talking about a pose that’s awesome for restoring natural curvature in your low back. Because we tend to “sit” our days away – whether driving in our cars, sitting at our desks or playing on the ground with kiddos – we find the¬†low back tends to round out […]

10 Stretches for Better Sleep

Zzzzz’s We all want a good night’s rest, but it doesn’t always come easily. With such busy lives, it’s a wonder that we have sleep issues. You would think we would be so exhausted that our bodies would immediately find rest. Ever wonder why? After a long day, your body and mind has been through […]