Yin Sequence for Tired Days

Yin Yoga: Sphinx Pose

Hello yin friends! I hope you are doing well on this fine Tuesday! I am excited to share another yin sequence with you today. Before we get into the details, I wanted to let you know about two online events coming up: This Sunday at 12pm CST! | Let’s Talk Yin: Pranayama Techniques Thursday, September, […]

Yin Yoga | Practicing Presence – Holiday Sequence

Hey friends! I’m excited to finally be getting another sequence on my blog. Today is the perfect day to do so because it actually FEELS like Christmas on this cold, drizzly day in Texas. I’m currently leaning toward the warmth of the fire listening to the quiet hum of my home. As I sit here, […]

Yin Yoga for the Upper Body | Shoulders + Spine

Good afternoon, yogi friends! I hope that all is well in your world and that you are finding time for your yin practice in the warmer summer months. It is during the warmth of the season that our bodies and mind crave the benefits and environment of the yin practice to draw us back into […]

Yin Sequence: Relief for Shoulders, Neck, & Back

Good afternoon, yin friends! I’m excited to share this sequence with you. As we near the last bit of winter – our bodies are really starting to feel the impact of being curled up under a blanket for the last few months. I hope that this sequence brings a sense of awakening and renewal to your […]

Pose Breakdown: Needle

Happy day after Christmas, friends! I hope that you had some time with the people that you care for over this holiday weekend. I’m thankful to have today to simply rest to sit back andĀ find gratitude in the quiet. I wanted to share a new pose breakdown with you guys – threaded needle pose! Often […]

Yin Sequence | Autumn 2016

Hello yinsters, We have had abnormally chilly mornings this past week here in Texas. I recently took a trip to Colorado and got my first real autumn experience as I watched the aspen leaves change more and more with each day we were there. So the weather here at home has been a welcome surprise! […]

Pose Breakdown | Anahatasana – Melted Heart

Good morning, friends! As a part of my grand comeback, I’ve decided to post a yin pose breakdown every Monday morning. My hope is that you can utilize these specifics of the postures to find more freedom and release in your practice. Anahatasana – Melted Heart Pose Getting into the pose…         […]

Yin Yoga – Full Body Release

After a long day, we tend to pour a hefty glass of wine and veg out in one way or another. I’m all about my evening wine, but sometimes what my body and mind really need is a little TLC. Yin is a great practice to add into your evening routine. You will sleep better […]

Yin Yoga at the Wall

Hello yinsters! I hope you are all doing well. Today I have a very special class in store for you – yin yoga at the wall! This 60 minute class is created with love and has the primary goal of giving you a nice release as you flip your perspective a bit. Practicing at the wall is […]