Yoga Classes, Workshops & Meditation | LIVE on Twitch!

Hey everyone! As I mentioned in my post earlier this week, I have a big surprise for you! Starting February 11th – I will be doing weekly live streams via! My husband is an avid gamer (aka. NERD) and watches live streams on twitch all the time. Recently, he planted the idea in my […]

Pose Breakdown: Sphinx/Seal

Happy Monday, yin friends! Today we are talking about a pose that’s awesome for restoring natural curvature in your low back. Because we tend to “sit” our days away – whether driving in our cars, sitting at our desks or playing on the ground with kiddos – we find the low back tends to round out […]

Pose Breakdown | Anahatasana – Melted Heart

Good morning, friends! As a part of my grand comeback, I’ve decided to post a yin pose breakdown every Monday morning. My hope is that you can utilize these specifics of the postures to find more freedom and release in your practice. Anahatasana – Melted Heart Pose Getting into the pose…         […]

Yin Yoga | Summer Stretch

Hello yogis! First of all, I want to say that I have felt a huge void in not posting over the last couple of months. Sharing my sequences and thoughts with all of you fills up my heart with so much love! We recently moved into our first home and were in the midst of […]

Yin Yoga Sequence | Feel Vibrant – Kidney & Urinary Bladder Meridians

Hello friends! Today I want to share with you a sequence that is very helpful for getting out of a dull state. The energetic focus of this sequence is on the kidney and urinary meridian channels, which are physically stimulated by the opening of the hips, incorporation of passive backbends as well as forward bending. […]

Yin Yoga at the Wall

Hello yinsters! I hope you are all doing well. Today I have a very special class in store for you – yin yoga at the wall! This 60 minute class is created with love and has the primary goal of giving you a nice release as you flip your perspective a bit. Practicing at the wall is […]

Yin Yoga | Blanket Sequence

I’m forever grateful for the influential role B.K.S. Iyengar played in introducing the incorporation of yoga props into the practice. I love that there are no rules with props, no “right” or “wrong” way to use them. They are just there for your individual, day-by-day needs. When it comes to yin, props are a huge part of keeping […]


Good afternoon my friends! I am excited to announce that I will be offering a four-week series on self-love called “Thrive” in March! This series will include yoga classes, a cleanse, journaling, accountability…and so much more! — For those of you who follow my blog that are not local to the DFW area: I have had […]

Head to Toe Yin Sequence + Extended Rest

Good afternoon yogis! This sequence includes deep poses that help release tension in the body from the head to the toes, while leaving time at the end for an extended savasana. Rest is very important. In fact, you were created to need rest. That’s right – God designed you to take time for R&R. So […]

Yin Yoga | Anxiety

Hey lovely souls, I recently published two articles over on about yoga and anxiety. You can view them via these links: “Can Yoga Help My Anxiety?” “Yin Yoga for Anxiety” Would love to hear your thoughts as well as any personal insight you may have on the topic! Enjoy this summer sunshine 🙂 -Nancy