Nurture Your Spine: Poses for Your Back

When I first began yoga, my back was so out of whack. The idea of the pose you see above was a terrible, painful, unimaginable thought! I never imagined that I would find backbends so invigorating and with that, find myself capable of deep binds (twists) and complete forward bends. It's a work in progress, … Continue reading Nurture Your Spine: Poses for Your Back

8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders!

If you are like millions of others in our very busy society, you may find that you hold a lot of your stress in your shoulder region. We have all heard the phrase "Don't carry the weight of the world on your shoulders". Despite our best intentions, we are likely to do this every now and … Continue reading 8 Stretches for your Tight Shoulders!

Yin Yoga: Leg Sequence

Here is a 60-75 minute sequence to help stretch out your legs and hips, night or day! Enjoy! 1. Seated Hero to Reclined Saddle Pose (3 minute meditation, 3 minutes reclined) 2. Baby Dragon (2 minutes) 3. Pigeon/Swan Pose (Folded Forward 5 minutes, Quad Stretch 1 minute) Counterpose: Down Dog or Table Top to stretch out knee … Continue reading Yin Yoga: Leg Sequence