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NancyWebsiteWife, daughter, sister, and friend.

Not to mention world adventurer, dreamer, yogi, and crafter.

I have spent several phases of my life in the blogging world. It all started when I studied abroad in Salzburg, Austria. I felt the need to share my travels and experiences with the people back home. After returning home, my life seemed so ordinary in comparison…so I stopped…until I moved to Ireland and later South Korea. Each of these ventures were also blogged and upon my arrivals home, the posts stopped once again. In 2012, a turning point occurred when I lost a very dear friend of mine. He was 24 years old at the time. I learned a lot during that season, but one thing that I took away for sure is that life is precious, moments are brief, and even the seemingly ordinary moments are beautiful and brilliant. I feel a responsibility to share, to be bold, and to connect with those who take the time to stop by. Comment, share your perspective, and enjoy. I’d love to hear and learn from you!

21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. john says:

    Visited your site looking for advice on bolstering kidney energy for my Mum ….and found so much more …thank you x

  2. Marisa Ramsier says:

    Love your site! I just found it looking for some ideas for a Yin class I am putting together…We have so much in common! Love my Lord, I am a wife and mama! Yogi and serious crafter too! Looking forward to reading your posts!

  3. Chad says:

    You have the most comprehensive illustrations I have found, not to mention the ways to counter each pose. I just started Yin Yoga 3 weeks ago at my local studio and I do some of it at home on my own to keep up maintenance on my body.

  4. Trish says:

    Love love love your yin sequencing! I am so happy I found you! Will you be doing more sequencing? Helps me so so much and I use your sequences in my yin class. Love that you are a woman of faith as well! What would we do without our Lord?
    I would love to take a yin training course but am having a hard time finding training near me. Love yin yoga!!t

    • nancynelsonadventures says:

      Planning to have a new sequence up this weekend! Be on the lookout. So thankful to hear you are a believer, Trish! Glad we connected 🙂 I am working on developing a “Teaching Yin Yoga” course that I’ll be offering to studios across the US in the near future. Let me know if you’d like to be contacted once that’s an option.

  5. Dwana says:

    Hi Nancy – I get so much inspiration from your site. I’d love to do your yin teacher training workshop, but I live in Australia. Do you offer online teacher training?

    • nancynelsonadventures says:

      Hey Dwana! Thank you so much for saying so. I love having you here! Unfortunately at this time, it is not available in an online format. If your studio would like to host me for this 8-hour event, I would be happy to discuss pricing and dates for later this year. Feel free to contact me ~Nancy.

  6. Ana says:

    Hello Nancy, beautiful website!! I found you “by chance” and I love it. Kinds regards from Spain (I’m too a Yoga Teacher).

  7. yogawithdivya says:

    Hello Nancy, thanks for your sharings. Trying to find your playlists on spotify but can’t track you – do you have a specific id name on spotify for your playlists? Thanks. Yogini D

  8. Deirdre says:

    Thank you Nancy. I’m trying to figure out how to navigate life as an empty nestor. I teach yoga and I love the “aha” moments my students have. But even better are the “aha: moments that I have in my own practice. I really like this sequence. I’m going to try bits and pieces of it for the next week or two.
    I lost a son 5 years ago and it has totally changed what’s important in my life. We didn’t get the chance to have our last conversation. There were so many things we needed to work through….. Moving forward I parent my 3 other sons differently. Their lives are so important, their struggles are so real, and I don’t miss an opportunity to tell them I love them. I love you simply because you’re my son and you don’t have to do anything to get or keep my love. What grieves me are parents that are struggling with their teenagers or adult children, I want to yell at them, “You only get 1 chance try not to mess this us.” Thanks for your blog.

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